This year’s Art & Tech Conference will explore the theme of Change. Can human behaviour be affected and triggered by technology, art and design? We invited international speakers to help us address the topic and offer their perspectives on exciting questions.

Can we project the human mind to robots to understand human conflicts?
How technology changes art object to art subject? Is art infiltrating society by itself, a society of agents that can trigger change?

Can technology serve the evolution of the people and systems around them? How can it bring personal change? How can it unlock our ever-expanding capacities and help us live a life of meaningful impact?

What happens when creativity fuses with technology?
By connecting traditional craftsmanship with high-end tech, technology can surely make things glow, but how does it change the complex dynamics of value chains around the globe?

How does technology affect values, and how does it influence communities and markets? How are we expected to act? How should we interact and engage in our lives and our communities?

Can art and culture lead change?
It is about being in-between transformation and change. When technology, art and society intersect, we create the place where the shift is happening. Artists, the world’s citizens, and technology as enabler help us understand the world and give us a perspective for farsighted decisions.

How can we transform current practices into sustainable ones?
How do we work with societal challenges, inclusive innovation, and transformative educational approaches in creating multidimensional synergies that have an apparent impact through design?

Together we will explore the theme from the artistic, social, cultural, innovational and technological perspectives.



Katie Ledger/UK

Ambra Trotto/SE

Martin Honzik/AT

Vik Maraj/CA

Lisa Lang/DE

Maurice Benayoun/FR

Lucia Pašková/SK