Human impact on the planet is significant. The main theme of the Art & Tech Days festival is Human Responsibility

The theme of the fifth year of Art & Tech Days is Human Responsibility. Read why we have chosen this burning topic and why it is important that we take responsibility together.

The last hundred years have been synonymous with progress and rapid change for humanity – globalization, urbanization, nanotechnology, virtual reality, the expansion of the Internet or alleviating poverty and hunger, extending the average life expectancy, the fight against illiteracy.

Every step, every progress, and change brings new challenges. The climate crisis and its effects, social inequality, artificial intelligence, and the digital revolution are fundamental issues that society should address intensively. We need solutions that can help navigate the complexities of life and lead to a sustainable future. In the global world, no matter where ideas and solutions come from, their relevance is essential. It is the task of each of us to take responsibility for all the areas with which we have intervened and which we have conquered as humanity. We should find a sustainable way to live a fulfilling and responsible life.

Therefore, the fifth year of the Art & Tech Days festival will be held in the spirit of the Human Responsibility theme – the ultimate responsibility of humans for their use and development of technologies and their impact on the environment and the rest of humanity.

“The event in 2021 aims to point out the impact of people and technology on the environment and the world. Digital reality and all technologies are the work of humans, and therefore we can hold humanity fully responsible for their use. Human impact on the planet is significant. As part of the Art & Tech Days, we want to discuss the topic of responsibility for the environment in which people exist or intervene.” – Michal Hladký, Director of Creative Industry Košice

We will look at the topic not only in terms of digital reality but also in terms of economic, social, and cultural points of view because, in our opinion, the common approach for all areas should be precisely responsibility. The Art & Tech Days Festival will take place from 22 to 25 November 2020 in Košice.

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Festival is supported using public funds from Slovak Arts Council.