Milota Sidorová in the service of fairer urban planning

The expert on spatial planning and urban development will visit the festival as a speaker and you will be able to hear her talk on November 25 in Kunsthalle/Hall of Art.

Milota Sidorová is an urbanist, a facilitator, a moderator, an analyst, a networker, and a feminist in the services of fairer urban planning. She is the director of The Office of Participatory Planning of the Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava.

She is interested in the complex and well-thought city projects in spatial planning and urban development. She is also a keen traveler. This combination has predetermined her for practicing fair urbanism. So what does she do? She improves the non-governmental, public, or private projects in Central and Eastern Europe in various ways. She wants good urban projects to be more strategical, fairer, and better communicated.

She deals with urban development in interdisciplinary contexts. She is the founding member of the international festival about urban planning called reSITE. As the advisor or the researcher for more inclusive cities, she has already cooperated with many domestic or foreign partners such as the Prague Institute of Planning and Development, The Heinrich Böll Foundation, The Goethe-Institut, and many others.

She was a jury member of N.I.C.E. Network for Innovations in Culture and Creativity in Europe, Vision for Milada Lake, and Architectural Competition for Alma Rose Square in Jihlava. In 2019 she was nominated for Personality of the Year in Architecture and Development, ASB Gala, and received the Nava Pollman Association award.

On Radio FM, she hosts a radio program about urbanism and architecture called Živé mesto FM.

Milota Sidorová at Art & Tech Conference!