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We would like to explore the ways that technology brings or could bring change of human behaviour, how it affects the very notion of our understanding of behavioural norms, expectations, and actions in both physical and digital worlds of our everyday existence.     

We would like to discuss the changes technology brings to our understanding of moral, social, and political actions, how it affects the body of action itself, the perception of activity, the horizon of perceived possibilities – what is possible, what is moral, what is desirable, how are we expected to act, to interact and to engage in our lives and lives of our communities, because of technology and by technology. Also, we would like to understand how this change of behaviour powered by the technology affects the notion of our communities, of our togetherness, of our humanity. 


6 years
86 speakers and artists
9700 visitors
81 events


Lisa Lang/DE

Maurice Benayoun/FR

Lucia Pašková/SK

Bevan Rees/UK

Art & Tech Days is a unique festival that combines art with technology

  • international conference
  • top speakers, leading companies and organizations
  • space for cooperation
  • workshops, interactive installations and multimedia performances
  • 6-day program dedicated to all ages


Košice – UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts

The organizer, Creative Industry Košice, responds to this prestigious title with the Art & Tech Days festival.

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